Dutch Posts Tulip TV – “Sjoelen”



“Sjoelen” is a Dutch parlor game where the players each have 3 turns to try shoving 30 discs through four little gates to the end of the plank. The first time the players try to shove all the discs through the gates, the second and third time the players try to shove the gates who haven’t been through a gate yet. The discs get the same amount of points of the gates where they end up in (2-3-4-1)

The box:

The “sjoelbox” is 2 meters long. The gates have (from left to right) a value of 2,3,4 and 1. The value is given by the amount of copper nails that have been placed above the gate.  

Between the open front-side and the middle-part has been cross-lath. DIt marks the border between the throwing zone and the middle-part, where the discs are allowed to be moved by other discs.Discs that bounce back in the throwing zone can not be played again, although this can be discussed by the players you’re playing with.

Also the cross-lath can be used to place the discs on.

Keeping score:

Every gate has a different point value. The gates on the outside are 1 and 2 points, the gates in the middel are 3 and 4 points. If a player can shove a disc in each gate, the combination is not worth 10 but 20 points. So 2 discs in each gate are worth 40 points, etc.. Any leftover discs in the gate are worth the given value on the gate. With 30 discs a player can get a maximum amount of 148 points, 7 combinations of 4 discs for 20 points each + 2 discs x 4 points.

If the player got all 148 points in one round, the player can get a total of 8 bonus points. The player gets a disc back for each turn not used.

When a player throws most of the discs in the 1-point gate, the Dutch call it “Eendjes voeren” (feeding ducks).


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